Hello all! So over the last five days I have maintained my weight- no better, no worse. This is to be expected when you don’t have much weight left to lose, but it is still frustrating. I’m off to the gym…

Now I have the ultimate challenge: Vacation. In my mind, that word is associated with eating whatever you want, whenever you want. “I’m on vacation!” But it’s also the dreaded holiday season, and I only have so many “Who cares?” days in a month.

This weekend I will still indulge, and enjoy myself, but not go overboard. It will be tough, but instead I am going to focus on catching up with my friend and enjoying my time without food. You can have fun without food! Right?

I will update on Monday to see how I survived the weekend. Wish me luck! Any tips are appreciated.


By Sheila Arkee

Today gives you an example of Comfort Eating 101. My son had a tantrum that was a 10 on the Richter scale. About what, I really don’t know, but they happen and it can take up to an hour to calm him down.

To his face, I am completely calm at all times, I don’t show emotion, but inside I am feeling completely overwhelmed. It’s not easy or fun to see your child work themselves into a frenzy, tear out your hair and scratch at your face.  After the tantrums are over, I usually take a 5 minute me break, and, as you’ll see, comfort myself with a little sugar, because it does help the medicine go down, right?

While I don’t have PCOS, one of my sisters does, and I’ve learned through the the years that saying sayonara to sugar is the best thing for me. I feel a zillion times better without it! Cutting it out will be a challenge because I live with sugar lovers. It’s gonna take a whole lot of will power this time around.

Coffee with half and half and splenda.

Yogurt with 1 tbsp of virgin coconut oil (helps metabolism).

Times two. I have portion control issues.

Tantrum time.

Pure comfort.

This kinda makes it better, right?

Oh, so ugly.

Times two.

Turkey kabobs, 2 wedges whole wheat pita with butter, salad.

I LOVE Gala apples.

By Sheila Arkee

I’ve been faithfully photographing my food intake for the past couple of days with my handy little smart phone, and I already feel an improvement coming on. While the photos aren’t as fancy as I like, they’re exactly what I need to whip myself into gear – public accountabilty, yo! Nothing like it!

When I got into my best shape ever five years ago, I was able to visit a nutrionist who told me to journal for one week without really changing anything about my food intake. With that in mind, the next few days will be far from perfect. They’ll be pretty ugly, but I know at some point I’ll look back at these pics and be glad for how much better I’ll be eating at that point.

Although I cannot guarantee that I will post here every day, I’ll make an effort to post at least 3 days of eating per week, to keep myself on track. Here we go!

FYI, I do drink plenty of water throughout the day! One thing I learned from Dr. Howard Murad is that you don’t necessarily need to drink 8 cups of water per day, as has been drilled into our heads for ages. We can get that water from veggies and fruits, so eat up!

Oatmeal with a pat of butter.

Coffee with half and half and splenda.

Whole wheat bread with cream cheese.


You are totally free to judge me on this one.