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By Sheila Arkee

Ok, so it’s been a while. A long while. And yes, I did let the indulgences of the holiday season get to me. Get to me meaning it was no holds barred for a good two weeks.

And boy did I pay the price.

Exhaustion, migraines, and generally not feeling well for the last few weeks led me to make a big change in my behavior a couple of weeks ago.

It’s so easy to put weight on, you know, but getting to the point where you’re really focusing on losing that physical burden is such a hard place to get to, but once you’re there … you know there is really no turning back. And that’s where I am right now.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been focused, I’ve been committed, I’ve been aware of my food-related behaviors and I’m DELIGHTED to tell you that my clothes are loose in a way they haven’t been in quite a long time.

I had a few wakeup calls recently, and that’s what brought me to my renewed focus in this fitness challenge:

1. Migraines. Oh, my GOD. I believe the women in my family are apt to migraines, but I have never felt them on this scale before. After experiencing my worst one yet last week, I knew it meant I had to get down to business here. No more excuses, because I don’t want to have to repeat that experience on a regular basis!

2. My blood pressure. Through the roof. A family member bought a machine and I tested myself for a few days with the results being that mine is sky high, and this is probably what’s contributing to my migraines. The solution? I need to take better care of myself.

Weird but true story – when I was in the beginning of my divorce 3 years ago, a Vietnamese co-worker read my Chinese horoscope. He told me I’m not going to have to worry about life in the long run, but I need to watch my health. I think this bad feeling I’m battling is exactly what he was referring to.

I HAVE to be healthy for my son, no questions about that, so the sooner I get on target, the better.

3. I’m not getting any younger. In the last week, 3 people in my social realm have passed away. One was 14, another my age, and the other 93.

Knowing that life is so unpredictable and that, really, any one of use could pass away at any given moment, it begs the realization that we all must enjoy our lives as much as we can. One thing I have to ask myself is this – am I enjoying life? Well, I don’t feel very well, so that takes a big chunk out of my enjoyment. I want to feel good, to look good, and although it’s a long process, I’m on board.

If there’s one thing about weight loss that I believe, it’s this – there’s no magic solution. It all boils down to eating well, and exercising. It’s going to take a while. But, I’m doing this, for the better, and I’m not looking back!


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