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By Sheila Arkee

From Crunchydomesticgoddess.com

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is the most calorically tempting of all. This sweet-loving gal can barely take the sights of candy, yummy food, and cozy, sugary drinks that are pretty much everywhere.

So, how are you all doing? Myself, I’m doing pretty well. I have had moments of weakness (read: a relative’s homemade fudge and See’s lollipops), but for the most part, I’m living a life of awareness and mindfulness. Carbs are at the minimal, and this is a huge deal for me.

To tell you the truth, battling my wants for indulging in sugary foods is hard. Very hard. When my son is a little bit difficult to deal with (read: having a major tantrum), all I want is chocolate after I’ve finished calming him down. I know it will not be good for me, but at the moment it just feels like something sweet will make everything better. Fortunately, I have not indulged in sweets at those pivotal moments in well over a week – yay me! He will most likely be tantruming for years to come, so the sooner I can get off the sweets habit, the better for my waistline!

You know what’s helping with the sugar urges? A cup of coffee with cream and Splenda. In the long run, I hope to wean myself off of artificial sweeteners because I’m not all too certain they are all that good for anyone, but for right now the fake sugar is helping me through my day.

When I feel the need to snack, I’m noshing on raw almonds, or on a garbanzo bean salad I prepare in advance. I throw a can of garbanzo beans in with a can of black sliced olives (don’t judge, I love all kinds of olives!), mix with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt, and it is pretty much one of the most savory snacks I’ve ever eaten. Love it! It keeps me full and satisfied.

If you haven’t yet, please read my interview with Shannon Hammer over on Painted Ladies today – she is so very inspirational!!!

For those of you who are looking for low-carb resources, here are a few website that I visit often. They’re chock full of great info and delicious recipes. Do you have any other web sites to share?

Linda’s Low Carb Menus – I have so, so many of these recipes printed out and placed in a protective plastic sheet in a binder.

Mendosa.com – David Mendosa’s information about the glycemic index of many foods has been such a valuable resource to me throughout the years.

The Sugar Busters Recipe Book – LOVE this book and the recipes within, which reminds me I really need to make their artichoke soup one of these days. It is SO very good – a bit pricey because cans of ‘chokes ain’t cheap, but worth the occasional splurge!


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